Cutler Scholarship

G. B. Cutler Academic Scholarship

The G. B. Cutler Academic Scholarship was originally established in celebration of Cutler’s 20th year anniversary as a graduate of Pamlico County High School (PCHS), where he served as the first Mr. Pamlicoan and as the school’s first African-American president of the Beta Club (academic honor society). The scholarship is awarded to a minority student who exemplifies service, leadership, and academic excellence. Serving on the selection team with Mr. Cutler is his mother, Annie Boone Cutler, whom he credits for much of his success. Other members of the selection team include representatives of the high school and/or the Board of Education.

Since its year of inception, the scholarship has continued to draw applications from several highly qualified applicants. Traditionally, the recipient has been officially recognized in an award ceremony and formally awarded the scholarship by Cutler’s mother.

Awarded by: Gregory B. Cutler, J.D.
Scholarship Amount: Varies
Application Deadline: April 30th of the Academic Year
Contact Person: Pamlico County High School Guidance Counselor


In recognition of his 20th year anniversary as an alumnus of Pamlico County High School, Gregory Cutler established the G.B. Cutler Anniversary Scholarship for Academic Excellence. The scholarship recipient will be selected by a committee that consists of Mr. Cutler, who served as the first Mr. Pamlicoan and the first African-American president of the PCHS Beta Club; his mother Ms. Annie Cutler, whom he credits as the motivating factor in most of his successes; and a representative from the high school or the Board of Education.


1. The scholarship is usually awarded to a graduating senior of Pamlico County High School.

2. The scholarship shall be awarded to a minority student who exemplifies academic excellence, leadership, and service within the community.

3. The recipient of this scholarship must be accepted to a four-year institution of higher education.

4. The recipient of this scholarship may be recognized at the graduation ceremony of Pamlico County High School and/or the Annual Scholar’s Banquet.

5. A check in the amount of the scholarship shall be made payable to the institution of higher education that the recipient will attend. Should the recipient fail to enter an institution of higher education, the money shall be returned to the scholarship donor.

6. The recipient will be awarded one-half during the first semester and one-half for the second semester upon receipt of a letter from a university official verifying that the student has been enrolled full-time during the first semester and maintained a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

7. Scholarship for the second semester will be forfeited if verification of enrollment is not received by January 31st of the second semester.

8. A copy of the student’s high school transcript must accompany the application.

9. A one-page essay and two letters of recommendation are preferred but not required.

10. If selected as a potential recipient of this scholarship, a committee member may contact you to
obtain permission to post your name, picture, and school selection on Cutler’s website.


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Past recipients of the G.B. Cutler Academic Scholarship include:

Adrian Hackney

Kathryn Redmond

Justin Brown

Letisha Garrett

Carla Jai Ollison